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Five Year Limited Warranty

BRNO Cabinetry LLC (hereinafter “BRNO”) gives any Purchaser a Five-Year Limited Warranty that warrants any product manufactured by BRNO and sold in the United States as set forth in the Certificate of Warranty when the Purchase signs the contract with BRNO. We expressly waive and limit all implied warranties of fitness and habitability and the implied warranty of workmanship under the state law and limit any and all implied warranties of maintainability or fitness for any particular purpose or use to the period of the express warranty. BRNO hereby expressly disclaims and excludes and Purchaser waives liability and responsibility for all consequential damages and/or other losses, of whatever type, which may arise from our out of Purchase’s residential use. This limited warranty shall only insure to the benefit of the Purchaser hereunder, and shall terminate upon the expiration of the applicable period set forth in the Certificate of Warranty.  This limited warranty only applies to a residential purchaser for his or her own homes, or a developer, general contractor, sub-contractor or builder that purchases BRNO products to be installed in a dwelling unit. Our limited warranty covers Cabinet Doors, Cabinet Shelves, Cabinet Boxes, Cabinet Accessories,  Drawer Glides, Shelving Clips, Drawer Fronts, Door Fronts, Door Frames, Roll Out Trays, Base End Panels. BRNO may repair, change, or replace any defective products. This limited warranty does not cover natural color variations in materials, damages caused during transit or installation, products that have been altered, neglected, or used for other purposes. Purchasers shall pay for the labor costs associated with transit or installation of any repair or replacement under this Warranty. BRNO is not responsible for acts of God or any damage caused by exposure to temperatures below 50 ⁰F or above 85 ⁰F.


Purchasers acknowledge that doors warped up to a ¼”, panels & moldings warped up to 2”, joint splits on painted wood cabinets, hardware failure, or shrinkage of center panels of less than 1/8” are not considered to be defective. Wood naturally expands and contracts, mostly across the grain with changes in humidity. Wood may return to its original form after acclimating to the environment. Thus, purchasers need to wait for no shorter than three (3) months before a Warranty claim may be officially filed. BRNO is not responsible for improper installation or adjustment.  Please review our instructions for installation and adjustment very carefully.


Purchasers acknowledge that color variances on stained cabinets and uneven surface for glazed finishes are common and not considered to be defective. Any replacements may vary in color from those originally supplied to you. Should you have further questions or concerns regarding BRNO Warranties, kindly email

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